Financial & Tax Planning for School Fees

Save up to 50% of education costs

A quality education is inevitably expensive and, naturally, most parents are keen to reduce that cost. Private schools usally have a limited number of bursaries (rebates for financially disadvantaged parents) or scholarships (awards for academically or otherwise gifted children.)

These are typically modest discounts and get allocated very quickly. You may often need to apply quite far in advance. See further information on Scholarships and Bursaries.

Here we can introduce UK parents to a Financial & Tax Planning Programme, which in some circumstances can save up to 50% of school fees and university costs. There is no UK tax relief on school fees, but the Programmes always try to achieve tax savings by utilising other tax constructions.

The initial consultation is free and without obligation. It is only available to UK residents or UK nationals (it is hoped to extend it later.)

The Programme utilises substantial EU financial institutions and you receive advice from FCA authorised independent advisers who are legally obliged to give you impartial advice on a “whole of market” basis. The Programme does not suit everybody and because it involves extensive personal financial analysis, this Programme is restricted to those who have a minimum education fees liability of £100,000 over their children’s school life. However, others may apply and we will try to make alternative arrangements for them with smaller but still significant savings.

A school fees planning consultant will phone you to get an understanding of what you want to achieve. The consultant will consider your income, outgoings, assets, liabilities and tax position. The consultant explains how they work, the benefits you derive from a school fees plan, how they get paid and, if appropriate, the next steps.

If you both feel a meeting is warranted, the consultant will need to produce a school fees schedule and so will take some details from you during the call. They will also arrange a convenient time to meet at your home or work.

If you wish to proceed, you contract with the IFA to provide you with a financial analysis and basic recommendations in return for a fixed fee. Subsequently you can decide if you wish to proceed to the implementation of a programme. Every arrangement is personally tailored to each parent’s circumstances. Please note that the service is not provided by Education Advisers Ltd but by the IFA to whom you will be introduced.

For further details please contact us and specify you are enquiring about "Financial & Tax Planning for School fees."

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